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Konner Coffee Shop AU part 5

He towers over her, because she’s kicked her shoes off a while ago. And he does what he’s been wanting to do all day. He cups her face and pushes those full German lips up against her Irish lips. His hands are huge and they wind up into her hair because they’ve got nowhere else to go. She’s startled, but she slowly reacts. Her hands come up to wrap around his. He pulls away slowly, and their hands are still intertwined on her face. 

"Conner….," she trails off. She turns to grab the two glasses of wine. "Here. I need to get a blanket. Let’s… I mean… can we…um…cuddle?" 

"Kaitlyn, I just kissed you. I think we can cuddle," she’s holding wine now, and so is he. But, she stands all the way up on her tiptoes and kisses him softly. 

"Good, because I’m cold," 

"Come here then," he says, holding his arms open. She slowly walks forward and into his embrace. She wraps her arms wherever they’ll go without spilling wine. He buries his nose in her hair."Jeez, girl, you smell so good," she flushes while she’s in his arms. 

"Come on, let’s go cuddle," she murmurs shyly into his chest. "I need to get a blanket,"


"I like blankets… do you?" 

"Oh, well, um, yeah, I do," 

"Then let me get a blanket," she laughs, slipping out of his embrace and going down the hall. She reaches up into a hall closet and twenty blankets come tumbling down on her. He rushes down the hall after seeing this. He’s assaulted with a delicious scent. 

"Are you okay?" he asks quickly, as he tugs blankets off of her. 

"Yeah, yeah, thank you," she says with a bright grin on her face. She holds up a huge fluffy blanket. "This was the one I was after," he smiles, and suddenly picks her up. She yelps, startled, as he carries her back to the couch. 

"I really haven’t told you, but I’m a total cuddle monster," he plops her on the couch. He grabs the blanket and spreads it out over her and sits down and pulls her close to him. 

"This is gonna be a really lovely night," she says quietly. He hums in agreement. 


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